Catnip Caturday: Tabby James


Catnip Caturday! Is that a thing? Because it should be. We wanted to take the time to spotlight an awesome and super fun company: Tabby James! I feel like most of us know this company, because they have so many fans! They are definitely a favorite in the Cats of Instagram Community.

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Tabby James is an Organic Catnip company based in the Pacific Northwest. How does being organic set them apart from other companies? Well… it is the safest, freshest, highest quality of catnip for our kitties to roll around in and even ingest!


This was by far one of Thrasher’s favorite photoshoots ever! He has had many toys, scratching mats, and posts with catnip in them, but he has never had straight up catnip! So this was exciting!



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(That last face of Thrasher cracks me up!)

Jordan and I had so much fun watching Thrasher go crazy for Tabby James Organic Catnip! He was being so funny! I wish I could’ve captured even more of it on camera. We even got him to scratch, and roll all over his scratching rug (he hasn’t done that since the night we bought it 4 months ago)! Seeing how happy this made him, filled our hearts with joy! He was obviously having so much fun. We just loved it!

P.S. Besides watching your cat have the time of their lives… This is also purrfect for behavioral problems! If your cat scratches your furniture, it would be beneficial for you to buy Tabby James Organic Catnip to sprinkle on the scratching post, cat tree, or anything you want your cat to actually scratch and be all over. 

Tabby James sent Thrasher their mixed set that contains: Catnip Regular Cut, Catnip Fine Cut, and Valerian Root. The story of how this company got started is golden. They have two Maine Coon cats who became depressed after becoming indoor only cats. They found some old catnip and realized that they had just stored it away for a year; because it’s catnip and who wants catnip just sitting around their house, right? That is when they had that lightbulb moment. Create the freshest, highest quality catnip and make it decor-friendly at the same time.


I love the cute, minimal style of their jars, labels, and packaging! Tabby James’ decorative jars deserve a displayed spot in your house- on the coffee table, kitchen counter, or even a side table. You will never forget to use this, and your cats won’t let you forget either.

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“Nothing makes us happier than happy cats.” –Tabby James
Buy your very own set today at 

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*Thank you Tabby James for sending us Tabby James Organic Catnip to review and enjoy. We love you! 


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  1. Gina Mower says: Reply

    Always great to find small businesses making quality products! ❤️ Rabies the dog and Friends, @rabie_taybee_baby

    1. Jackie says: Reply

      I totally agree! And Tabby James is one of our favorites ❤️ Thank you for reading our blog! Love following you guys!

  2. Kim says: Reply

    What a wonderful mix of nip. Thrasher seems to be having a blast. New to your blog and excited!

    1. Jackie says: Reply

      Thank you so much for reading our blog! And I know! I am just in love with this company and Thrasher is in love with their catnip! Are you on Instagram? Hope you entered the giveaway! ❤️

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